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Metal working fluids, also known as MWFs, are essentially used in reducing heat and friction in industrial machining and grinding operations. Victory Polychem offers a complete range of cutting oils and solutions suitable for your complex processes. With these multi-metal compatible metal working fluids, we deliver efficiency in the form of innovation. Victory Polychem caters to your specific requirements and has water based, mineral oil based, and semi-synthetic/synthetic fluids. Our products are eco-friendly, specially designed to keep your working environment safe. To ensure unparallel safety, all our products are free from hazardous chemicals listed by Cummins USA. Metal working fluids help to cool and/or lubricate the metal work pieces of machines in various operations. Thus, our solutions are safe to use for machining, cutting, grinding, flashing, turning, milling, drilling, honing, and broaching and other such processes. These rust-preventive and highly lubricating solutions are composed of complex mixtures of oils, emulsifiers, anti-weld agents, corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, buffers, etc. Moreover, with excellent surface finish, our products help ensure a longer tool and a cleaner working environment. Whether you are looking for metal working fluids in automobile industry, marine industry, engine testing industry, and railway industry, defence industry or bearing manufacturing and other industries, our cutting oils can meet your needs. For achieving desired productivity levels in metal working processes, choose Victory Polychem!

Musclecool 771

– Features –
  • Trusted cutting and grinding fluids
  •  All purpose chlorine-free cutting oil
  • Good lubricity
  • Extraordinary antibacterial additives
  • Easy disposal because of vegetable ester

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Syncool AL 704

– Features –
  • Refined mineral oil emulsifiers based coolant
  • Multimetal coolant
  • Excellent lubrication
  • Increases sump life
  • Useful for turning, milling, drilling, honing, and broaching

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Syncool SL - 711 HW

– Features –
  • Oil-based cutting oil
  • Made of refined minerals
  • Silicon-free with anti-foam additives
  • 500 to 800 ppm hard water tolerance
  • Elevates tool life

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Polycool 86 Conc

– Features –
  • General-purpose cutting oil
  • Alkaline pH that helps grinding wheel life
  • Enhances sump life
  • Corrosion inhibitors and anti-bacterial properties
  • For processes like grinding and flashing

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There are four primary types of fluids:

  1. Straight oils (neat or cutting oils) – these versatile multimetal coolants could be made from petroleum, vegetable, animal or marine oils. These straight oils do not require to be diluted and they are proven to be very useful for heavy-duty machining processes. To make them more effective and enhance their performance, extreme pressure agents are regularly added.
  1. Soluble oils (emulsifiable oil) – these metal working fluids are mainly used for cooling and lubrication, particularly in cutting and grinding processes. They have a proven ability to prevent welding between the cutting tools and work pieces. Soluble oils also contribute in preventing the wearing of the tools. These coolant oils are usually made of pure petroleum oils (40-70%) and emulsifiers which help the oil spread. It has a milky appearance.
  1. Semi-Synthetic Oil – Victory Polychem Musclecool Series is a semi-synthetic oil that has ‘Inverse Solubility Technology.’ It exhibits inverse solubility, and thus, is able to provide both hydrodynamic and extreme pressure lubrication at low concentrations in water. It is both, stable and usable in hard water, resists foaming and bacterial attack, and remains fluid to prevent tacky or gummy residue formation.
  1. Synthetic Oils – Does not contains mineral oils- These metal working fluids are mainly used for excellent cooling, flushing the fine chips/metal dust and anti-corrosive properties. They are aqueous based with alkaline pH and reject the floating tramp oil effectively. Due to special additives in synthetic oils, it avoids bacterial growth in the sump and extends the sump life tremendously.
  • Form a protective film: The primary function of the metal working fluids is to separate tools and parts, in order to prevent metal-to-metal contact. The machining coolants, thus form a film, physical or chemical, and prevent the contact between the metal and the tools.
  • Control Corrosion: In the metal removal operation, the metal working fluids are often expected to control corrosion for days or even weeks. However, there are some fluids like that of  Victory Polychem , offer corrosion control for a longer duration whilst fulfilling a dual purpose of forming and anti-corrosion. In addition to anti-corrosion, the Polychem metal working fluids carry extraordinary antibacterial additives.
  • Health and Safety: While performance is really essential in selecting the right metal working fluid, how much it impacts the safety of the operator is an equally important criterion. Since Victory Polychem’s metal working fluids are bio-based coolant oils, they are very safe for humans and they can be disposed easily at the ETP. They also contain no toxic elements like Sulphur or chlorine, eliminating the possibility of water pollution.
  • Decreases friction:  Victory Polychem metal working fluids, like expected, recue the friction at the tooling and metal contact area. It thus helps in decreasing the energy consumption and causes less wear.
  • Increases Cleanliness: The cutting and grinding fluids, when in action, removes extra particles and help in the prevention of built-up particles on the punch. Fluids by Victory Polychem naturally clean the working environment.
  • Provides Cooling Properties: Apart from providing excellent lubricity to different parts of the machine and elevating tool life, Victory Polychem multimetal coolants provide cooling properties whenever required in the process.

Additional Functions performed by Victory Polychem Cutting Fluids include:

The fluids flush the chips away from the cutting zone

During high cutting speed, they offer cooling to the work piece

The fluids reduce the thermal distortion, establishing a suitable temperature for the work piece

Improves the dimension of work

Provide anti-bacterial protection

In a metal forming application, the lubricants provide the required separation between the tools and the metal. If the metal has good geometry and ductility, the drawing of metals can be carried out without any use of the lubricant. However, it is always recommended to apply the forming lubricant to increase the productivity and quality of the metal and tools. Viscosity is important and plays a determining role in application and performance.

It has been established over the years that working around metal working fluids or exposure to these fluids can carry serious health risks. It has also been widely recognized that direct skin contact or inhalation of these fluids can cause diseases as serious as cancer. With more than 1.2 million workers in machine finishing, machine tooling, and other metalworking and metal-forming operations professions, Victory Polychem felt it as its duty to safeguard these operators. With a team of researchers, Victory Polychem has been dedicated to create environment-friendly, efficient, and fuel and energy saving solutions. Thus, after extensive research, trials, and testing, Victory Polychem is proud to offer the vegetable-based, non-toxic chemical containing metal working fluids that not only safe for the environment but also for humans.

Victory Polychem is one of the most trusted coolant manufacturers in India. We provide some of the most cost-effective, innovative, and trusted metal working fluids that can reduce biological growth, ultimately leading to increased sump life. Our customized solutions offer the best in class balance between lubrication and corrosion protection to improve and increase tool life.

Trust Victory Polychem for quality cutting oils you need for making your operations more efficient and effective. You can view our inventory online and contact us for placing an order for the specific cutting fluid you need!

In order to choose the right cutting fluid, you must justify the material which is going to be machined and the machine which will be used in the process. Most machines easily adapt to water based cutting fluids and cutting oils. For best lubrication and lasting rust protection, cutting oils are highly recommended. Emulsion based coolants also offer good lubrication and rust protection, when compared to synthetics. The synthetic cutting oils have the best cooling and cleaning properties.

Coolants or fluids designed specifically for metalworking processes like machining, stamping, grinding, etc are called cutting fluids. They serve as a lubricant and as a coolant during this process and help in reducing the heat generated due to the deformation and machining process. With the help of its lubricating properties, they help reduce the friction as well as the wear and tear on the workpiece. Victory Polychem offers a range of cutting fluids that offer excellent lubrication, whilst giving anti-rust and anti-bacterial protection.

Choosing a cutting fluid is an important part of operations. The right fluid will help enhance the performance, increase the quality of your cuts and extend the tool life. Cutting oils are used to reduce friction and improve the quality of your process while cutting fluids are mixtures of water and oils that perform a similar function. Cutting oils also help in increasing the speed of cutting operations, thereby becoming a cost efficient option. Cutting fluids by Victory Polychem are environment friendly and can be easily disposed.

It is really important for manufacturers to choose cutting fluids with special formulations, thoughtfully developed keeping your tools in mind. Bio-based coolants also help increase the tool life. All in all, the components of a cutting fluid can highly impact the tool life and productivity. Victory Polychem offers cutting oils and fluids with the right mix of lubricity and anti-wear additives that help in extending the tool life. Our metalworking fluids are designed for delivering superior machining performance which enhances your productivity.

Low volume of coolant in machine sump can increase the risk of foaming due to air entertainment. When the fluid levels are close to or below the pickup point, the risk of air being sucked up is higher. This can result in coolant to foam excessively. Victory Polychem has a range of metalworking fluids that come with anti-foam additives that help prevent the formation of foam in your machining process.