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Poly CR 10

– Features –

Poly CR 10 is an instant penetrating spray designed to quickly release carbon, grease, oil and sludge. It removes grease, oil, dust, powder, metal or carbon particle on machine components hardware, chain, bearing, etc during operation. It does not contain any objectionable toxic solvents like CCl4 etc.

Poly Carb-O Dscale

– Features –

Poly Carb-O Dscale is a Heavy duty liquid-carbon and descalant for hard water scale deposits with high silicon content. It has an acidic pH. It is designed to remove deposited carbon, mineral scales, and metal oxide (rust) deposits and especially hard silica scale deposits in water system.

Poly Scale DS 85

– Features –

Poly Scale DS 85 is inhibited to protect cleaned surfaces from acidic attack. It can be used on most common metals such as MS, SS, Copper, cast iron, and copper alloys such as Cu-Ni except zinc and galvanized surface. It has an acidic pH.

Poly Paint Remover

– Features –

Poly Paint Remover is water based carbon-cum-paint removing and cleaning solution. It has an alkaline pH. It comes with an excellent paint removing property and removes paint and carbon from metal components.

Poly Rust Remover

– Features –

Poly Rust Remover is phosphoric and has mixed inorganic acids based de-rusting composition. It is duly inhibited for low metal attack to remove rust and oxide layer from the iron surfaces. This process is used by immersion only.